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I’ve been called everything from a giraffe, to a turtle (google “a turtle’s neck” and you get the idea) and surprise surprise … a swan!

Have you made the connection between the 3 animals by now?

They have long long necks!

So what was it that transformed me from a giraffe and turtle to a swan?

Fletcher Towelwork with the Fletcher Braided Towel.

Below is a picture of my fire engine red Towel alongside Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns on my holiday in June last year.

I started practising Fletcher Towelwork circa 2004.

Granted, it took me a while to get it right, but oh, the relief in my shoulders and neck, the lift and expanse in my chest area – those feelings were something I’ve never experienced before.

Along with my new way of carrying myself around, I started to feel more open and confident, not to mention 2 inches taller as you can see in the pictures below taken in San Francisco.

Nowadays, wherever I travel, I ALWAYS pack my Fletcher Braided Towel with me. Long flights and soft beds in hotels don’t keep me grumpy for very long as long as I do my 15 minutes of Fletcher Towelwork.

My Towel has been with me to Tokyo, the West Coast of USA, the Canadian Rockies, New York, Tucson and more recently to Maldives (see pictures below) and Lima. I have practised Fletcher Towelwork at airports while waiting for my connecting flights, in the hotel room, in the hotel courtyard or by the outdoor swimming pool, in front of a waterfall and even on a cruise ship!

Yes I get many looks when I do my thing, but given the smiles that came along with these people, I would like to think that they are curious and possibly imagining just how wonderful it would feel in their bodies too!

I love that I can practise Fletcher Towelwork anywhere and everywhere. I’m not concerned that the airport or the hotel floors are dirty for Matwork because Fletcher Towelwork is practiced in standing!

Later, I’ll be posting about the intention of Fletcher Towelwork and how it actually helps to relief shoulder pain and neck pain.

For now, I’m enjoying resembling a swan more than a giraffe. And would you believe I’ve even been described as “regal”?

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    • September 19, 2018

    I am interested to join the Pilates class for 5 to 8 students.

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