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Before Nathan

I was known as a fitness fanatic by my ex-colleagues before Nathan. I held duo gym memberships and exercised between 5 to 12 hours a week. My exercise regime consisted of a combination of Pilates, Yoga, ShBam, Body Jam, aerobics and simple weight training.

I will find time just to work out to keep myself sane!

Missed Miscarriage in 2013

It was a very trying and emotional period. My husband Steven and I found out that the fetus’s heartbeat stopped during a visit at the gynecologist on the 14th week of the pregnancy. Waves upon waves of emotions hit us. It was disbelief, heart wrenching pain and tears. How did I not know? There wasn’t any discomfort, my body felt normal. T

I can’t help but think … Did the exercises I did during my pregnancy caused it?

My gynaecologist comforted Steven and I and said she didn’t think the exercises caused it at all. After her encouragement, we got the test done and alas, it wasn’t meant to be, the fetus wasn’t healthy.

Then …

March – May 2014 (first trimester)

We were delighted!

There was a few weeks of spotting scares, so I rested it out. Nathan’s heartbeat was going strong.

First trimester was tiring, but I was blessed with no morning sickness. Gathering energy to exercise was tough, but I did my best. I walked on the elliptical machines at the gyms and continued with Pilates and Yin Yoga. It is easy to get overheated during pregnancy, so I decided to stop practicing Hot Yoga.

June – August 2014 (second trimester)

My second trimester was the best period. With energy levels back to normal, I was exercising between 8 to 10 hours a week. I must say that Steven was wonderful! He just reminded me to be careful, but he did not stop me from exercising, in fact, he was very encouraging.

It was also during this period that I found out about Pilates BodyTree and started Pilates one-on-one sessions at the studio and learnt about Percussive Breathing.

Stay tuned to Part II of my story …