How to prevent shin splints in runners

Shin splints is described as pain along the inner edge of the shinbone or tibia. Shin splints is a prevalent form of lower leg injury and can affect any of us. They are particularly common amongst runners. Why? Because the ONLY muscle that strongly lifts your foot is your … Tibialis (shin) muscles. Functionally, its major […]


Pain in the butt may lead to lower back pain

The piriformis muscles begins inside the pelvis. The piriformis connects to each side of your sacrum and to the greater trocanter (the bump of bone on the top side of each hip). The piriformis is primarily an external rotator. This means that as the muscle works, it helps to turn the foot and leg outward. […]


How to relieve lower back pain with PBT therapy ball

Often, lower back pain is the result of other muscles in the body being tight or imbalanced. When your Calves become tight, your body’s centre of mass shifts forward and cause your low back muscles to over-activate. Your low back arch (lumbar lordosis) increase to maintain upright posture when you STAND. This add stress to […]


Roller & Ball Class

At Pilates BodyTree, we offer a group class called Roller and Ball class. Common questions are “What is this class?” and “What would I be doing in this class?” This class uses three apparatuses, namely the Swiss Ball, small Pilates ball and foam roller – usually individually within a class, primarily to challenge the balance […]


Improving spinal mobility and strength

When students start doing Pilates, they are usually unaware that the human spine can move in more than one direction, and what these movements are. 1. FLEXION Flexion of the spine is seen in movements like Forward Bend or Roll Down : Flexion of the spine also occurs in Pilates exercises such as The Hundreds, […]


Pilates Matwork vs Spine Corrector

Quite often we get asked, “What is a Spine Corrector ?” Pilates Matwork is more known than the Spine Corrector and because of that, we offer Spine Corrector group classes at Pilates BodyTree, for clients to experience this unique Pilates equipment. The Spine Corrector is an equipment originally designed by Joseph Pilates – Picture 1 shows […]


Pilates Equipment Spine Corrector – a personal favourite

One of my favourite Pilates equipment to work with is the Spine Corrector, also known as the small barrel. Unlike the more well-known Pilates Reformer which looks like a single rectangular bed:   The Spine Corrector is rounded and curved. This unique shape provides many opportunities for me to explore the natural curves of my spine […]


Pilates Mat vs Yoga

If you want to condition your body, gain strength and flexibility, reinforce your self-esteem, and enliven spirit, then Pilates and yoga are 2 practices that can help you achieve these objectives. Pilates and yoga are called mind-body practices because they promote mental well-being and physical wellness. Pilates mat classes and yoga classes are both mat-based […]