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Hi everyone,

I have never had a busier start to a year! Perhaps you are also facing a similar start and busy setting goals for yourself. My goal this year is for everyone at PBT to have progress in their mobility fitness.

I used to think that progress has to be big before I see and feel it. Small progress was not really a progress. I was enlightened when I started teaching people with serious lower back pain more frequently. Almost all my new students with back pain see progress as binary. Either I have pain or no pain. Sessions will go on and my new students will say “I still have pain”. I learnt to ask “Has the intensity of pain reduced dramatically?” That is when I realised that we often never look back at how far we have come and instead always how far we still have to go. Understanding the meaning of progress started to have an important place in my teaching and my student’s pain levels. This understanding also helped me a lot with my students who became pain-free as well as those striving for performance.

Make measurable progress in reasonable time – Jim Rohn

Hence I would like us all to have progress that is personalised. We all have different commitment and time set aside for our mobility fitness. In coming up with our Mobility Fitness Assessment (MFA), we have created a measurable way of tracking your mobility fitness levels. This is the best time to do the MFA as you are setting your goals. If your time frame for progress is 6 months, take the MFA again 6 months later. If yours is 2 years, take the MFA 2 years later and then compare. You can then make measurable progress in a time that is reasonable for you.

Our goal in 2018 is for every person at PBT to make Personalised Progress. Our programs and activities this year will follow this theme of the year closely. Here they are:

1. Mobility Fitness Assessment (MFA)

If you are ready to take the MFA and have an account with us, reply to this email and we will make arrangements for you. If your friend is keen, do send them this link:

2. Intro Pack for newbies

We introduced this for our group class newbies and have refined it. Newbies will start off with our Signature Intro Class, where the teacher will advise on the type of classes a newbie should join based on what was observed during the class. They then move on to book for their 10 sessions, where they will get a better understanding of our group classes, teaching methods and philosophy. This Intro Pack is now $397 (UP $550) and has a 6 months validity. If you are keen, reply to this email and I will have the invoice set up in your account with us. If your friends are keen, let them know they can register for this here:

3. Group Classes Package Update

With the changes in our group class packages, this allows you to craft the progress you want at your reasonable time.

PBT Signature (1 session) – $55

PBT Signature (10 sessions) – $397

PBT Signature (Unlimited 1 month) – $500

PBT Signature (Unlimited 3 months) – $970

PBT Signature (Unlimited 6 months) – $1605

*The West studio is the only studio where members with unlimited memberships can’t book a class in. Otherwise every package can be used to book for classes across the studios.

4. Group Classes in our West Studio

We will be bringing our Signature Classes to the West Studio. Due to the layout of the studio, we have a maximum of 6 people for classes and do not offer unlimited memberships here. You can find the class schedule here:

5. Get Back On Track – A Lower Back Pain Workshop

My next workshop will be held on 27th January 2018, Saturday 2-5pm at 11 Slim Barracks Rise, Level 3, Singapore 138664. If you know of anyone who has lower back pain, please tell them not to turn their back to lower back pain. This workshop was designed to help them understand and experience what it takes to build a resilient back.

Investment: $127 (Original Price $300). Register yourself at

May you have personalised progress in 2018!!


Jerry Teo
Managing Director, Co-Founder
Pilates BodyTree

    • Samantha
    • June 12, 2018

    Hi do u have pre natal pilates? If I sign up for normal pilates classes, can I convert to prenatal ones once I become pregnant?

      • Vera
      • June 12, 2018

      Hi Samantha, thanks for reaching out to us. We’ll get in touch with you through email!

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