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Time Travel with the PowerPlate

The law of motion states that the force of an object = the object’s mass multiplied by acceleration. In other words, there are two ways to improve a person’s functional force (power, strength, or stability): 1. Add more mass (using weights) or 2. Apply more acceleration to the body See, if they had taught physics […]


Pain in the butt may lead to lower back pain

The piriformis muscles begins inside the pelvis. The piriformis connects to each side of your sacrum and to the greater trocanter (the bump of bone on the top side of each hip). The piriformis is primarily an external rotator. This means that as the muscle works, it helps to turn the foot and leg outward. […]


How to relieve lower back pain with PBT therapy ball

Often, lower back pain is the result of other muscles in the body being tight or imbalanced. When your Calves become tight, your body’s centre of mass shifts forward and cause your low back muscles to over-activate. Your low back arch (lumbar lordosis) increase to maintain upright posture when you STAND. This add stress to […]