How do I begin?

To help us understand your body and the way you move, we recommend all our new students to join us for their first kickstarter session - a Mobility Fitness Assessment.

This one to one session (55mins) takes you through 10 exercises to determine where the imbalances of your body are that could contribute to aches & pain and that reduce your sports performance.

We will assess whether you would benefit in our group class setting and you will find out what imbalances, tightness and weaknesses you need to work on in Private sessions or in your own training program.

Usual Price $200, Now $127 (w/GST)

Sign up for MFA (Now only $127)

Just want to join group classes?

Motivated by the energy of a group class setting? We understand how that feels.

Get a better understanding of our classes, teaching methods and philosophy in this Intro Pack created especially for new members.

Discover the benefits of Pilates at PBT at your own pace!

Usual Price $550, Now $397 (w/GST)

Get an Intro Pack (now only $397)!

Our group classes are recommended for individuals without any existing injuries.

We would recommend people with injuries to attend private sessions instead. Please explore our Mobility Fitness Assessment (MFA) - the MFA takes you through 10 exercises to determine your body's weakness and imbalances and understand its impacts on your body - such as aches and pain.

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