Alycia Chua

A dancer herself, Alycia started Pilates with the belief it is an effective body conditioning program that enhance the posture and body alignment. Pilates helped her to develop a strong core, gain muscular strength and flexibility to hone her skills in dance.

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Derek Zee

Derek is a strong communicator and believes in doing his best in everything he does. This included sprinting, high jumping, swimming, volleyball and badminton, and he certainly tries his best in storming down the mountain in downhill skiing. It pains him that people at different ages often take their health and fitness for granted, and he wants to help them change that.

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Daniel Chan

Co-founder of Pilates BodyTree. Daniel has 16 years of teaching experience in personal training and group exercises. He has 14 years of experience teaching Pilates to fitness trainers and clients in Singapore, Jakarta and Seoul.

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Enda Enek

With a bubbly and lively personality, Enda connects with people easily and brings a lot of laughter to people she teaches. She loves working with runners and want to use her personal experiences with knee injury to help runners prevent injuries and improve running performance.

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Eve Koh

Eve’s dance background has made her believe that precision brings about better quality in movement. This philosophy of teaching has helped Eve’s students to experience results in their performance and she looks forward to sharing her knowledge of the work and joy in movement with more people!

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Ho Tim Hou

Tim is a highly organised and interactive teacher. He values the balance between strength and mobility in his exercise programming and strives to help his students achieve these so that they can enjoy the activities that they love to the fullest.

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