About Vera Chung

– Bachelor of Arts (Journalism & Mass Comm)
– PBT Admin Team
– BTA Pilates Matwork
– BTA Movement Anatomy™ (Biomechanics and Pathologies)

Vera believes that with the right push, everyone can learn to be independent when it comes to taking charge of their own fitness and health. Her ambition for her students is that they learn with purpose, so as to experience enduring changes in their lives and be fearless when it comes to the aging process.

Vera’s first encounter with Pilates was while she was learning ballet as a young adult. She was attracted to the control and enhanced awareness that Pilates instilled in her own body. Vera loves that Pilates is highly versatile, and believes that it is a discipline that is able to benefit many different groups of people, especially those who have not yet prioritized movement in their lives.

Although a sedentary executive in her previous life, she has since become more confident and adventurous in her choice of activities like rock climbing, salsa and even longboarding. She hopes to add Wing Chun to this list next!

Vera now strongly advocates that the way to improving lives is through movement and play. She is excited to help people who are new to movement, and she will no doubt be using her knowledge of the human body in motion to help her students become fitter and stronger.